Cobblestone Beach

Another high tide ebbing at the foot of Thames Street in Fells Point, Baltimore. The National Weather Service routinely announces this location in its coastal flood warnings. This patch of Belgian brick spends more time underwater these days than it used to, thanks to sea-level rise. When a tidal anomaly coincides with strong winds blowing up the Patapsco River, the intersection of Wolfe and Thames streets, a block inland, is prone to inundation. Locals are increasingly without memories of what 2003’s Hurricane Isabel did here, but those who remember can’t forget.

Ebb Tide

At the foot of Thames Street in Fells Point, sea-level rise is manifest during regularly occurring high-tide anomalies. The apartment complex here had to build a separate egress for its parking lot to stop vehicles from getting stranded. People parking their vehicles on Thames risk inundation above the floorboards.