Goodbye, Yaya.

Jim 17

(Photo: Jim Burger)

By Rye Pierre

My Yaya, Christine Pierre, did so many great things for me, and she deserved to live a longer life. When I heard she only had a matter of days, from my mom, Catherine Pierre, I was shocked. But when Mommy came downstairs crying, and told us what happened, I knew it wasn’t fair. Yaya told me she was going to fight through her cancer, and I knew she would. She got really far in life.

She did so many things for everyone, and what she did for me that really stood out – she did so many things for me, but this stood out – was get us our trip to Orlando, Florida. She was so nice. She took us to Harry Potter World in Universal, and bought us FastPasses so we could skip through every line on every ride. She also bought us wands and Butterbeer (a butterscotch fizzy drink). She also took us to Clearwater Beach. We stayed at a hotel that was across the street from the beach that had silky soft sugar sand. Then she and Poppop also took us to Disney World, because who misses Disney when you’re in Florida? She got us fast passes there, too, and we had so much fun.

Poppop is probably feeling terrible. But since he has his family around him at all times, I know he’ll recover. I hope that when we really want Yaya in the years to come, we can always look at this and always remember she was a great person.




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