A Phrase to Remember: “Deuterium Depleted”

By Van Smith

Berkeley Springs, WV, Feb. 22, 2019

Kenneth Guoin (pictured today at the 29th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting) is the founder of a California company, Ophora Water Technologies, that he says sells water for $20 per half-gallon bottle.

“Our water is expensive,” Guoin says, “and our systems are expensive” – especially the ones Ophora installs in celebrities’ homes along the California coast, which treat all the water entering the households, not just the drinking water. Remember: California water is extraordinarily disgusting, typically containing a 22-page EPA-compiled list of toxins.

“If you know what’s in the water,” Guoin remarks, “you can remove it.”

Ophora makes highly functional water via reverse osmosis and other processes that make it highly oxygenated, ionized, hydrogen rich, and, to the extent possible, depleted of deuterium, a hydrogen isotope that produces “heavy water” that humans are advised to avoid.

Guoin says “the Russians are getting really good” at depleting deuterium from water – as far down as 25 parts per million from the standard 155 parts per million.

If the Russians have a competitive advantage, the rest of us should probably take note. Expect “deuterium depleted” to start showing up on bottled-water labels and advertising anon.

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