This $2.50 Item Saved Me $400 (Well, $200)

My HVAC guy, here for the spring appointment under our maintenance plan, suggested our outdoor unit’s coils needed cleaning, adding that he had the chemicals right in his truck.

I asked, “Does that entail spraying the chemicals onto the coils, letting them soak in for awhile, and then hosing them off?

“Yeah, basically,” he responded.

“White vinegar would probably do the trick,” I remarked.

“Sure,” he agreed.

“Then I’ll just do it myself.”

Later, when we were closing the transaction, he showed me how much I would’ve saved as a plan member had I opted for the cleaning service: $200 off the $400 price.

I just finished the procedure and the amount of black effluent they came gushing out as I hosed off the vinegar treatment was truly astounding. Now my unit is totally clean.

White vinegar is the duct tape of household cleaners, while also serving as a useful culinary standby. It costs about $2.50 per gallon.

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