Celebrating Betsy Toland (1937-2019)

I just now pulled a jacket out of my closet to wear to my friend Betsy Toland‘s memorial service, and tucked in the inside pocket was this: the order of worship for my friend “Big Charlie” Lord (1935-2016), whose service was held days before Trump won the election.

On the cover of the program are Charlie’s words, set down a decade earlier: “My faith affirms my prayer that one day we will find a path to reconciliation in this country, a day when every individual, regardless of economic class, race, gender or sexual orientation will be cherished and supported by every other individual.”

I think Betsy would wholeheartedly agree, and it reminds me how wise it is to hear and listen to our elders. Betsy has been a strong and valued guide to many, and, like Charlie, will be remembered long and well.

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