Post-Thanksgiving Treat: The Auggie and Snackie Show’s Rendition of the Deli Sisters’ “Losing Control”

Yesterday was our little leftovers day-after-Thanksgiving shindig, always spectacularly headlined by the Auggie and Snackie Show playing in our kitchen. This year their repertoire – always memorable for such classics as “Bacon,” “Rain,” “Chocolate Cake,” and “Scarlet Johansson” broadened to include their amazing interpretation of “Losing Control” (watch the video, above).

The song was conceived over a considerable stretch of time by the Deli Sisters, whose collaboration on it has been, shall we say, fraught over intellectual-property considerations. The Deli Sisters’ performance of it while standing on a rock in the Cacapon River two falls ago (watch the video, below) was the basis of last night’s rendition.

Many, many thanks to Auggie and Snackie!

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