Fells Point Rides the Rising Tide

By Van Smith

Baltimore, April 13, 2020

We’re a month into locking down in our homes due to the COVID pandemic, and taking a walk is a treasured experience. Today’s brought me down to the Baltimore harbor in Fells Point, where I expected few people thanks to the rainy day. It was noontime, just past high tide. Very few people were about, but water was everywhere. The captioned photos below tell more of what I encountered: a watery Fells Point, thanks to increasingly high waters borne on high tides on the Patapsco. Check out the third photo below – Thames Street is thorough inundated.


On Aliceanna Street, the tide comes up through a storm drain that supposed to convey stormwater into the harbor, but instead is conveying tidal water onto the streets.
That’s a storm drain with the tide rising up out of it, on Wolfe Street in Fells Point.
The foot of Thames Street in Fells Point, a place that often floods at high tide – more so now than in years past.
This fixed-dock marina now features a gangway that’s under the sea, thanks to more regular tidal anomalies brought on by sea-level rise.
This parking lot next to Aliceanna Street near the base of Washington Street in Fells Point is filling up with tidal waters from the harbor, thanks to an extreme high tide riding in on winds blowing up the Patapsco River.

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