“100 Years”

by Olive Pierre

Olive Pierre’s recitation copy of “100 Years.”
As recited by Olive Pierre, Feb. 2021.

On August 18, 1920, “women” got the right to vote,

but did they really?

Women are still women

black skinned or white skinned,

and yet on August 18, 1920

black women still didn’t get to vote,

even though they fought for this right too.

If there was a zebra with no stripes,

would you not give it the right to eat?

It’s the same.

Black women had no say

in the rights

they’d been fighting for since slavery.

After 1920, they fought for almost 50 more years,

just to be able to cast their vote

for who would run their country.

50 years later black women put Joe Biden

in office with our first black woman vice president.

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